Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capture your holiday trip in a beautifully handcrafted album

Now here's an entire scrapbook album that I designed. My client went on a family holiday to celebrate her in-laws 50th birthday, so here the entire 20 pages consists of moments captured and memrobillias gatherd on the trip to Egypt. As it was just this one trip, different events, functions, sightseeing locations are captured in each scrapbook layout. I have used different techniques and color schemes across the entire album. To add to the flavor the children got together and wrote poems and letters to their parents which were then inserted in the layout. This helped in adding a further personal touch to the entire album. So if you have just returned from your holiday and would like to capture your memories in a beautifully hand-crafted album, please write to us on and we will be happy to help you to store your memories. :)